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Empathyse is a social enterprise creating positive workplaces using workplace bullying solutions to build psychological safety cultures

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Empathyse is Complete Evidence Based Workplace Bullying Education, Training, Policy and Employment Contract Solutions consistent with your legal obligations to control psychological injury risks under the NEW Safe Work Australia "Managing psychosocial hazards at work Code of Practice 2022" and Sex Discrimination Act positive duty of care 2023.

  • Reducing costs to encourage a reputation of innovation to become a preferred employer of choice attracting the most talented staff to increase productivity.
  • Quick and easy to implement with immediate online access and subscription, you can cancel your subscription any time when the transformation is complete.
  • Scalable for any sized organisation, from micro, small, medium and large businesses through to global brands to reduce compliance and recruitment costs.
  • Complement your existing human resource procedures or use our links to create your full human resource manual and employment contracts.
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