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Workplace bullying costs $47,000,000,000 yearly. About 1 in 10 workers are bullied at work. Compensation claims can cost $33,000 each. Compliance assistance programs can cost $12,000 a year. Directors are personally liable. Directors insurance does NOT cover fines or imprisonment. Workplace bullies get paid to risk your business.

Empathyse ® are OFF-THE-SHELF complete online solutions. Ready to use immediately. Comply with your legal obligations. Eliminate psychosocial hazards and sexual harassment at work. Stop harassment before it turns into bullying and discrimination. Sleep well, have fun and enjoy life without all the emotional work stress.

Lower sick leave, compensation premiums, recruiting and compliance costs. Increase productivity and creativity. Become an employer of choice. Social Enterprise DISCOUNTED Pricing Structure. Cancel any time. With 24/7 AI Tutor and video presenter. Save 95% on compliance assistance costs alone. Protect yourself and your business now before it’s too late.

If you are serious about using positive behaviour to create a psychological safety culture, we guarantee that you can stop workplace bullying in your organisation within 3 months using our Empathyse ® program or you get your money back.

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Following the Empathyse ® program

as directed will stop workplace bullying

within your organisation or business

within 3 months or your money back.

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Creating Positive Workplaces using our three-step process to comply with your legal obligations to Stop Workplace Bullying under the NEW Safe Work Australia "Managing psychosocial hazards at work Code of Practice 2022" and Sex Discrimination Act positive duty of care 2023.


Step One

Sign up for HRM Implementation training and resources to download your Positive Behaviour HR policies and employee agreements.


Step Two

Conduct your WHS employee consultation and managers Authentic Leadership training using the short 15-minute videos.


Step Three

Make the two short 20-minute training videos available for all managers and staff to complete and return their certificate of completion.

Our Positive Behaviour policy and employee agreements are designed to complement your existing HR policies and employment contracts.  If you don’t have these documents, you can purchase our complete employment contract template or access free HR policy and document templates online.  Our full Employment Contracts include your Positive Behaviour agreement within a full employment contract template to protect your business.

Use your employment contracts and agreements to stop workplace bullies in your organisation through strategic performance management within 3 months.  It is recommended that retraining be conducted at least once every twelve months to reinforce commitment, keep up to date with changes and encourage a continual Psychological Safety culture. Check out the free previews below.

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