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The cost of workplace bullying can be substantial; including legal expenses, compensation claims, lost productivity, and reputational damage.

Did you know: 

Workplace bullying costs $47,000,000,000 yearly. 

About 1 in 10 workers are bullied at work. 

Compensation claims can cost $33,000 each. 

Compliance assistance programs can cost $12,000 a year. 

Directors are personally liable. 

Directors’ insurance does NOT cover fines or imprisonment. 

By implementing comprehensive anti-bullying policies and providing resources for prevention and intervention by both managers and staff, business owners and directors can mitigate their personal liability and cultivate a safer, healthier workplace.

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Following the Empathyse ® program

as directed will stop workplace bullying

within your organisation or business

within 3 months or your money back.

How To Subscribe?

Empathyse® offers an off-the-shelf complete online program that is ready for immediate use upon subscribing. This program provides convenient and accessible training and compliance resources to stop harassment and psychosocial hazards before they escalate to workplace bullying.

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How Can Empathyse Resources and Training Subscription Help?


Preventative Approach

Unlike many training or policy providers who focus on resolving issues after they arise, the Empathyse methodology is all about prevention. Our evidence-based policies and training are designed to prevent legal and psychosocial issues from occurring in the first place, saving you time, money, and stress.


Comprehensive Training

We offer concise, impactful online training that educates managers and employees on preventing psychosocial hazards. This training fosters a culture of respect and safety, ensuring everyone can contribute to a bullying-free workplace. Our tools and resources are designed to be user-friendly, effective and suitable for businesses of all sizes.


Proactive Policies

Our approach includes integrating strong policies and practices that reinforce your commitment to a healthy workplace. By establishing clear expectations and consequences, we help you build a framework that supports sustainable change.



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Empathyse Advanced Workplace Bullying Solutions

165 page Empathyse Advanced Workplace Bullying Solutions eBook

Empathyse Positive Behaviour Policy (Preview)




Empathyse Positive Behaviour Training Videos (Preview)

Empathyse Early Conflict Resolution Posters (Preview)


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