Psychosocial hazards include conflict escalation, discrimination or bias self-interest, poor job design and trauma from exposure to physical risk. These are the unreasonable behaviours that need to change to stop workplace bullying before it causes psychological injury. Reactive fair work laws exclude reasonable management action and single events, but work health and safety laws create a duty of care to proactively eliminate all psychological risks. High Schools are workplaces too, and cyberbullying is workplace bullying when related to a workplace.

Bullying can be stopped using the Empathyse coordinated evidence-based education, training, policy and contracts supporting early conflict resolution, positive behaviour, authentic leadership and strategic performance management.

Empathyse is a complete online system of education, training, policy and contracts using positive behaviour bullying to create psychological safety cultures which help organisations eliminate psychosocial hazards before they lead to workplace bullying.

Empathyse can be used by any sized business from micro, small, medium to large businesses to stop workplace bullying and psychosocial hazards to create a psychological safety culture through positive behaviour. Empathyse helps disrupt the effect of negative social norms to help reduce compliance, sick leave and recruitment costs, while encouraging creativity, productivity and a reputation as an employer of choice to attract the most talented staff to your organisation.

Empathyse costs $699 access per business with the first monthly subscription free. The ongoing monthly subscription is $69 or save 15% with a yearly subscription at $699. You can cancel at any time. Unlimited users per business.

The full employment contract template for a one-off payment of $699, is designed to protect your business name, clients, assets and reputation. It supports management action to protect workers under Fair Work obligations and Work Health and Safety duties of care. It contains the Empathyse Positive Behaviour Agreement.

Once you purchase Empathyse you can log in to access the courses and resources. Watch the HRM Implementation instruction video on the Courses page and download the documents from the Resources page. Provide the link to the Courses page with your login and password to all employees and managers so they can watch the training videos and complete the quiz in teams or individually in less than an hour to get their certificate. Once your WHS committee has watched all the videos you can watch the WHS consultation video to ensure WHS approval and compliance. There are useful links on the Resources page to the Australian government’s psychosocial hazard code, HR policy template, basic employment contracts, fair work forms and employee surveys if you don’t have these documents available. The Empathyse documents are fully compatible with and supplement your new or existing HR documents. When the transformation is complete you can download the Employer of Choice certificate and logo to show your commitment to a psychological safety culture.

Check out our blog page, ask our Empathyse assistant or for billing enquiries use the contact form on the contact page. Once you are logged in, you can access the Empathyse Tutor to answer questions about Empathyse, implementation and training. For additional information on emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, transformational leadership and strategic human resource management, you can read the Advanced Empathyse Workplace Bullying Solutions Individual Counselling and Implementation Guide eBook textbook or ask Google Scholar at https://scholar.google.com.au/